"...Because everyone needs a little fantasy."

Dear Ghosting family,

We are THRILLED to announce that our 2nd year of Ghosting
is right around the corner, and we are getting ready for some BIG changes.

Just two years ago we were sharing videos on a house on a hill in East LA,
and with the help of some generous people along the way we are keeping it real
every other month here in DTLA. Our showcases have grown from 20 buddies
to 400 new friends. With all the evolving we’ve been doing, it’s
only appropriate that we prepare to launch the next phase of Ghosting.

Our mission has always been to share animators and video artists who inspire us,
and now we want to take “US” to the next level. We’re setting out to make Ghosting
not just a bimonthly showcase, but a physical hub for all our artists -- a permanent
space that is open for the production, collaboration, and exhibition of new works.

We hope you will continue to follow and support Ghosting on our
heck of a journey coming up in the next few months. It’s going to be a wild one.

If you would like to get directly involved, sponsor, or donate, contact us at

Stay tooned!